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Thema: RE: [SEML] TSE 2003 FROM QF 2901 
Datum: 26.11.2003 13:33:03 Westeuropäische Normalzeit

Hi Glenn,

I congratulate to you, captain John Dennis and all persons from flight QF
2901. The QF 2901 Antarctic Eclipse Flight was very successful, I saw first
pictures, it's very beautiful. I participated of this flight in the
visualization at least, because my possibility - to observe the Total Solar
Eclipse 2003, did not come off.


-----Původní zpráva-----
Od:    Glenn Schneider []
Odesláno:    26. listopadu 2003 6:11
Předmět:    [SEML] TSE 2003 FROM QF 2901


*JUST* arrived back at home in Tucson literally minutes ago.
I see my email in box overflowing with SEML, off-list eclipse
related (and other) mails.  I ask your indulgence for my non-instant
replies, which will be forthcoming after catching up on much
needed sleep over the next few days.  In brief:

The QF 2901 Antarctic eclipse flight was executed as planned.
Totality was successfully observed for approximately 2-1/2
minutes (detailed limb timing analysis forthcoming... my bags are
not yet unpacked!) with a min-eclipse intercept at 22:44:00 UT
with remarkably clear, pristine skies from 35,000 ft above MSL.
The aircraft continued on centerline to just below 70S before breaking
off for some post-eclipse low-level "sightseeing" - an unplanned
bonus.  I understand that there was quite a jubilant celebration
in the cabin.  Unfortunately, as those who were not on the flight
may not know, I was locked away on the flight deck for the entire
duration of the event - so if anyone got photos or video of that,
and any other goings on on the plane or the airport PLEASE send
me a copies! In time, I'll distribute/post many details of what went
"behind closed doors" but for now, just the first two of many photos
to come - neither of these my own (which are still in the cans
and yet to be developed).
is a view of totality taken through the window in the first class bathroom.
The raw video imagery was taken by a QANTAS cabin steward, and
was downloaded to my laptop on the return flight segment.  I apologize for
not recalling his name off hand - that definitely is in my notes but is not
yet unpacked - and he will be fully credited on my web site.  The above
is a "composite" I made by registering (to remove the pointing jitter) and
medianing seven extracted frames (to improve the signal-to-oise) all near
I believe this image is historically unique.  I cannot say so
but very likely it is the first (and maybe the only) TSE image acquired
in a bathroom. 
are two images taken by Carter Roberts of the approaching (looking
back to the "left") and receding edges of the lunar shadow prior to
and after contacts 2 and 3 respectively.  In addition top the obvious
brightness gradient across they sky, the projection of the shadow onto
the low-level cloud-cover below is nicely captured.  Note also light
from BEYOND the shadow on the horizon in both images.

I must add my most heartfelt and appreciative thanks to Captain
John Dennis, the PIC for QF 2901, and the rest of our extraordinary
crew.  John has worked tirelessly "behind the scenes" on this flight,
and we all owe him a debt of thanks which will be very hard
(likely impossibble) to repay in kind.  The success of this flight lies on
his shoulders.

More to come, much more, in days weeks and months ahead.  But now,
to sleep, perchance to dream (of TSE 2005, of course).

Also, a congradulations to Jen Winters and crew for their
successuful ground based expedition and to any others who have not yet
reported (or not yet been read), and condolences to any who might
have been cursed with cloud (as I have been three times of now

Any word from the Lan Chile flight?  As it turned out we were unable to
raise them on the radio...  Kelly?  Hans-Peter?

Glenn Schneider


Phil Asker: Please forward this your distribution list for QF 2901, many of
whom are not on the SEML.

Thema: [SEML] Antarctica Eclipse Early Pix 
Datum: 24.11.2003 11:06:20 Westeuropäische Normalzeit

We have just uploaded two pictures of success viewing the total eclipse
from Antarctica at:
We successfully observed the eclipse through partial and total phases in a
narrow 36 hour window of clear skies between severe storms near the Novo
Temperatures during totality dipped below -20 deg c.
Most equipment failed in some capacity due to severe cold temperatures with
problems from battery malfunction, to mechanical and electronic disfunction.
Shadow bands were observable for approximately 10 minutes with a very
strong overall "twinkling and sparkling" seen in all light during the onset
of totality.
The disk was very much squashed due to atmospheric refraction.
The corona represented a wide chromatic rainbow effect from top to bottom
with green streamers emitting from the upper-right 2:00 region and a
golden-red color at the lower-limb.
Very large prominences were visible naked-eye at the 2:00 region and the
7:00 region.
Everyone is cold and tired, but happy to be the first humans to observe a
total solar eclipse from the continent of Antarctica.  - including an
eclipsed Midnight Sun!;
More images are available at:

Thema: [SEML] Success!!! 
Datum: 24.11.2003 10:35:19 Westeuropäische Normalzeit

I am writing this at 10,000 meters over Antarctica (of course I will
send it later) as we celebrate a most gorgeous total solar eclipse.
Timings yet to be determined, but was about 2 1/2 minutes.
Corona was larger and more beautiful than 1991! Prominences,
chromosphere, beautiful phenomenon.
Present were (are) 105 eclipse chasers on Qantas flight 2901 in a brand
new 747 ER. Among the chasers here:
Glenn Schneider, who navigated a most successful eclipse intercept
Craig Small
Michael Gill
Jay Friedland
Jay Passachoff
Steven Kolodny
Carter Roberts
Bengt Alfredson
Charles Cooper
Derryl Barr
Daniel Lynch
Joerg Schoppmeyer
John Beattie
Jean-Luc Dighaye
Matthew Poulton
Ray and Dory Brooks
John Duran
More details will follow when my adrenaline stops pumping!
(I also apologize if I misspelled names)
Joel M. Moskowitz, M.D.
9 (total)solar eclipses and counting
YEEEEE!!! HAAAAA!   G. Schneider  (24 TSEs and counting)

Thema: [SEML] report from Antarctic flight 
Datum: 24.11.2003 09:53:10 Westeuropäische Normalzeit

Report on the Croydon travel flight.

We very successfully saw the total solar eclipse today from a latitude
of 70 degrees south over Antarctica. The corona was just beautiful,
and we could clearly see the moon's shadow sweeping in.  We got great
views of huge icebergs and other snow phenomena on Antarctica, too,
after some cloudy weather below us in the first part of the flight.

Glenn Schneider did a fantastic job of navigating and planning the
flight. He observed from the navigator's window in the cockpit. Many
others also from this mailing list were in the various passenger

The corona was very spiky, a result of the magnetic configuration that
led to the recent solar activity. It corresponded, of course, very
closely to the inner LASCO coronagraph view on SOHO that I saw on the
Web just before we took off from Melbourne.  Our eclipse view filled
in the gap between that LASCO view and the solar surface.

We're just back to the hotel, exhausted, and I'll write more later. We
are told that our flight of 13 h 58 m set the world record for the
longest domestic flight; a previous Antarctic charter a few minutes
shorter is actually listed in the Guiness book with this absurd

Glenn, Croydon Travel, and others coordinating the flight are to be

Over and out.

  Jay Pasachoff